Ok, finally I have done it. This is my first post, after deciding I wanted to blog. I had started a blog about 3 years ago but that was a disaster. I was too young and naive, relatively speaking.

Now, I’ve started afresh, buzzing with a new enthusiasm, or in short ‘enthu’ (used by the I-am-so-lazy-that-I-cant-seem-to-pronounce-the-whole-world-plus-everybody’s-doing-it kind). Yes, I know I used the word ‘Intro’ instead of ‘Introduction’, but hey, mortals contradict themselves from time to time.

The dilemma now is: To be anonymous, or not to be.

For now, I’ll be an anonymous blogger. Lets see if I change my mind later on I’ll reverse my decision.

I’ll try to come up with a nice post ASAP.

By the way, I am Anoop, and welcome to PeddaRowdy!



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3 responses to “Intro

  1. Vishal

    Kick asss n nice one

  2. YOGESH.S.


  3. Amrutha.M

    Awesome one Anoopa šŸ™‚

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