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Why this Kolaveri?

“Why this Kolaveri?”, screams NDTV. So, does the status of my friends on Facebook.

The latest video to go viral on Youtube is this song, given shape by Dhanush, a Tamil actor.

The lyrics are mediocre, the tune is catchy but not great, video looks like a amateur’s work. But, there is something else about this song which makes it great.. I cant put my finger on it but you will know what I mean when you will listen to this.

Shruthi Hassan is a looker, isn’t she!

You have to change only a handful of words to have a Kannada inspired version of the song. Who will sing it? Dhanush’s doppelgangerĀ  in Karnataka:

The word you are looking for is: "Bevarsi"

Warning: Do not zoom in.

For those of you who don’t know who is the person in the photo, all I can say is : lucky bastards! If you really want to know he is, then he is an “actor” in Kannada movies who plays the lead, most unfortunately, more often than not.

I dedicate this song to all the fellow soup-boys out there..


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