Mrs.Rahul Dravid

There is a certain aura and mystique that surrounds people who are introvert by nature. That is especially so if that happens to be one of your icons.

Mrs. Dravid has penned an article about her husband and it gives quite an insight into the man who I and so many around the World admire so much.

Some excerpts:

“Now I know that with Rahul’s cricket, nothing is casual, unconscious or accidental. Before he went on tour, I would pack all his other bags, but his cricket kit was sacred – I did not touch it; only he handled it. I know if I packed only two sets of informal clothes, he would rotate them through an entire tour if he had to and not think about it. He has used one type of moisturising cream for 20 years because his skin gets dry. Nothing else. He doesn’t care for gadgets, and barely registers brands – of watches, cologne or cars. But if the weight of his bat was off by a gram, he would notice it in an instant and get the problem fixed.

This statement just floors me, makes me look into myself. I gather that this is not about dedication but about caring about something you love. Dravid not being superficial is not such a surprise, is it!

There are some other rare insights into the man of the hour.

“Once the game is on, at the end of every day he has this fantastic ability to switch off. He may be thinking about it, his batting may bother him, he will be itching to go back and try again, but he can compartmentalise his life very well. He won’t order room service or brood indoors, he would rather go out, find something to do – go to a movie or watch a musical, which he loves. He will walk out to the sea to wind down or go to bookstores, or find something else to do.

He has dealt with all that goes on in cricket because he can separate the game and the rest of his life and put things in perspective. No matter what was happening in his cricket, at home he is husband, father, family man. He has never said, “Oh I’ve had a bad day.” He wouldn’t speak about his work unless asked. Other than dropped catches.”

The reminder of him being such a simple guy, a family guy brings one down from the lofty imaginary heights one propels themselves onto everyday of their lives.

I am glad that Dravid and I have one thing in common – Love of Literary Arts and Music.

Do read the whole article. A must for every fan.


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