Saying Goodbye is never pretty

I took a small, but a pretty substantial step forward today. No, I didn’t get a promotion, nor did I achieve a feat that anyone else apart from myself can be proud of. What I did might sound inconsequential. But personally, I am feeling a lot lighter now that I have done it.

You admire people for various reasons: You might appreciate the fact that they excel in something that you are fond of; Or, you might like them for being pretty.

I once liked a quality in a friend. That person could easily unhinge themselves from a thing or a person the moment they realize its not in either of their best interest. I hadn’t quite understood at the time, neither had I appreciated that quality. Now I do.

I am proud- I unfollowed an old friend on Twitter. The last remaining window to that life is now shut.

Unexpected, rather, in this case expected, things happen, but the important thing is to realize the event has occurred and move on. That I have done, which I was incapable of doing few months ago?

I don’t want to forget also, why the hell should I! But, I don’t want to think about it too.

So, goodbye my old friend. It was nice knowing you.



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2 responses to “Saying Goodbye is never pretty

  1. I was quite taken aback after reading this. Silly me ! I had been forming opinions of people based on the comments they left on ET…. so when I read this I was amazed at your words and disconcerted at how opinionated I can be. I’ve come to expect articles like ” The legacy of Gandhi-Nehru Vs Jinnah ” from you. So this vulnerable side of you left me aghast.I also read an old post ” I wish her well ” today and believe you me, I thought I was reading somebody else’s blog.Of course, i do understand that people are not going to wear their hearts on their sleeves but you always came across as a detached,aloof individual.

    This is a good post.And this is a side of Anoop I like; a side that should be on display more often, maybe ?

    Nandita Bakshi

  2. Suggestion noted. 🙂 Thanks..

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