All grown up

Few things will make you beam with joy and at the same time will make you appreciate how much not only have you grown and matured but people most nearest to you as well have.

Your ‘Sisya’ (a colloquial Kannada slang; literal meaning: Student) – who is in fact 3 years older to you; with whom you have spent the best part of your childhood and shared your dreams and aspirations; who has stood by you, has been your only Constant in this ever changing world – getting married is one such event.

Shreesha and Amruta at the advent of their new life together

This piece is not about me, its about my ‘Sisya’, who has been my ‘Guru’ more than him being my ‘Sisya’.

There are not many people in this world whom you remember as far back as memory goes. Let me not overstate our love for each other. We are not Jay and Veeru of the ‘Sholay’ fame. We are just ordinary mortals, doing our best to be a good friend to the other.

I have successfully taught him how to ride a bicycle, he has successfully corrected my ways(a guardian angel, if you will?), when I have started traversing down the wrong path. I have failed at teaching him to do a proper dive in the Swimming Pool, he has failed at teaching me how to Bat in Cricket. It is a relationship of convenience, yet even at times of inconvenience we have stood by each other.

Brothers fight, but we never have. You fight for various reasons, siblings do it in a quest for resources and self-interest. We do no carry such heavy burdens. We are brothers, but of the most noblest, kindest kind.

In a way our association is above these petty things.

Not to say our friendship has not been tested.. it has been. But, the bond was too great to break.

Amrita is the newest entrant to his life. One whom I can call the highly respected and revered word in India – ‘Bhabhi’.

When wonderful things happen, when pieces fall perfectly into their respective places in the gigantic jigsaw of life, you begin to believe in a force greater than you and I.

I do not know what the future holds, but I have a sense things will work out just great in this case.

Happy Married life, Sisya.

With Love,

Your Sisya.



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7 responses to “All grown up

  1. Good one Anoop… A good write up!!

  2. Nandita

    Hey Anoop,

    Great write up! Start writing more regularly!


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  4. madmax

    Machi namaskara, nice heart warming piece machi. You guys are really blessed and lucky to have such a wonderful friendship.

  5. Spot on with this write-up, I seriously believe that this web site needs a great deal more attention.
    I’ll probably be back again to see more, thanks for the advice!

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