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Islamic Terror and Poverty

I was reading this article the other day in The Hindu. It was about Kasab and is a brief of how he went on to become a Terrorist.

One line of the article caught my attention.

Born on July 13, 1987, at the small village of Faridkot in Pakistani Punjab’s Okara district, Kasab was born into a landless peasant family.

A question began to be born in my mind. Does Islamic Terror really exists because of poverty?

I did some Googling and found this particular titbit.

The perpetrators of the attacks on September 11th 2001 that killed thousands of unarmed civilians largely came from Saudi Arabia, a very wealthy oil country which has never been under European colonial rule but is itself the cradle of one of the world’s most brutal imperial traditions, as noted by the gifted author V. S. Naipaul.

Mohamed Atta has been identified by the FBI as the pilot of American Airlines Flight 11, the first plane to crash into the World Trade Center in New York City during the September 11, 2001 attacks. Atta was trained as an architect and pursued a master’s degree in city planning at the Hamburg University of Technology.

Not just that. The recent Indian Mujahideen men who were caught were Doctors, Engineers, Journalists… All highly educated men, willing to murder, even their fellow citizens and neighbours.

So globally, and locally in India, there are Muslim men who seem to turn to Terror.

Why is that? Does it have to some form of injustice meted out to them and their families? Or, is it due to poverty? But, them being Doctors and Engineers and Journalists does not seem much like they have suffered injustice and/or they are poor.

Lets park that IM issue for a bit..

What about the 9/11 Terrorists? As the article suggests they were not poor, nor were they ever were; nor were they illiterate, like Kasab. They didn’t even come from a country which was colonised to suggest they were carrying out some old-world grudge against the Western powers.

All incidents of hate Terrorism? What about cases like Anders Behring Breivik, who killed innocent people as form of protest against Europe’s growing multiculturalism? He was a rational man, who committed horrible crimes.

Yet, Breivik is a flash in the pan. Consider this.. There are approximately 2 Billion Christians in the world, followed by 1.5 Billion Muslims. There are also a Billion  Hindus.

How many Breiviks does the Christian world produce in a year? And, how many Mohammed Attas the Muslim world produces in a year? How many Terrorists ,or people who exhibit extremist tendencies, does the Hindu world manufacture? 

Clearly, poverty has nothing to do with violent behaviour. Neither does it have to do with the country of origin. Atta’s cause and Kasab’s cause was the same – “Islam”. The Terrorists who blew up trains in London on 7/7 too said in their tape that this had to do with the glory of Islam and that the Western world was conspiring against the Muslims and attacking them. They didn’t associate themselves with the country they lived and/or were born in, but with their Religions, either converted to or born to, exactly similar to the case of Indian Mujahideen.

Let us go back to India’s partition..

Muslim League comes up with the idea that Muslims are indeed a separate entity and deserve a separate state(Two Nation Theory). They took most of the seats in the elections with their idea that Islam is in danger in India. Atta and Kasab and Jinnah, people of different eras, nationalities and income levels, justified extreme violence – all in the name of Islam.

There seems to be greater chance of a Muslim resorting to Terror than a person from any other Religion. Saying things like this might  not be politically correct, but the trend disturbingly points to this. Admit this in a popular newspaper like The Hindu and you will be inundated with letters calling you Fascist. They would probably remind you of Hitler and his propaganda against the jews; and, warn you against painting other Religions in bad light. I agree with everything they would say, because I’ve thought of such things myself.

Now, back to IM and Islamic Terror in India. How would India’s Muslims take it if were you to point out this dangerous trend? I know I would not be happy and in stead of seeing the truth in them, see the one who is presenting such ideas as a fanatic, who is doing this to malign Islam and Muslims. Many already think the people being caught for as IM members are being framed by the security forces. A sort of victim mentality is at work.

Who is right, here? People who see Islamic Terror spreading without any proper cause or justification and advice caution? Or, people who want to be politically correct all the time, even if it means not looking at reality and obvious trends?

I will not attempt to answer these questions as I’ve not found a convincing answer. The day I do, you will hear from me…



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Written a similar themed article. But, this is a Pakistani perspective.

There is one difference though. I express elation at the creation of Pakistan, he is dismayed by it.

But, an article worth reading.

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