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My Bucket List

I started this blog for me; to fulfil my urge to be heard; to record those knot-in-the-throat moments; those moments of joy, wonder, excitement; also, of sorrow, missed opportunities, failures whatnot..

Which one of the moments I want to record now you might ask.

Today’s the 9th of July 2012. Its really early in the morning – 3 AM. I sit here in my room, alone; with my parents fast asleep in the room next. I am just done watching the movie – The Bucket List [And, no, this is not a review of the movie]. I’ve hit upon the possibility that I might MIGHT die tomorrow or pretty soon.. You never know.

“What would that be I would like to do or experience before I die?”, is the question the movie made me ask.

The characters in the movie are aged or “developed” in their years. They had seen most aspects of life. I don’t have that advantage. I don’t know what exactly I want, to be honest. My answers are pretty simplistic in nature, I am afraid.

I know I want to have a big family. Kids, a definite yes. Lots of places to see. Lots of people to meet. Europe is definitely on my mind among the places to visit, not to forget the Skydiving.. Did I say Skydiving? I meant Scuba Diving. I wouldn’t torture myself with the thought of flying through the air, attached only to a parachute. I am more of a water guy.

Aah! I can picture it already. The deep blue ocean, I am looking down at the corals, with a school of fish nearby. A Shark approaches. Stop. Back to the topic at hand.

I don’t want to climb the Everest or anything. Too cold, you see.. I prefer the warmer climate of the beach.

I do want one thing more than I care to admit – Love. I don’t have an appetite for that now. But, would be a real loss if it never happens to me ever again. I am a sensitive guy and Teds like me(A character in How I Met Your Mother sitcom I think whom I am most alike) fall in love all the time you might think. Well, I have some issues to work out.. I definitely want to feel the way I felt once, but without History repeating itself from that point onwards.

Do you ever stop being in Love? Come to think of it, you can’t. I am still in love, but with someone who will never, nor can, reciprocate. Its time to move on..

I stopped making sense long time ago, didn’t I!

This is why I love writing. I can make sense or no sense, but end up making perfect sense to myself. I will be making perfect sense to me, even a future me, 20 years or 30 years or, if I am lucky, 40 years from now. I want to record this feeling I felt a long time ago. A feeling about Life, Love and Death. How all these are intertwined. A death of one, makes you remember of life.

I’ll leave my Bucket List incomplete. Perhaps its best left incomplete. What if I achieve everything I set out to from the list I’ve compiled today? Will I be able to say,”I am ready to die now”?

What if I don’t get to complete every task I’ve set myself? That thought scares me. But, I can tell you one thing I will not stop trying.

If I don’t scratch off all the items ¬†on my list, I’ll die trying.. That I think is the real message of the movie or the point of life.



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Stumble Upon

My friend Sunil, who works with me, introduced me to a browser add-on which finally answered the question : “What else is there on the Internet?”

My tryst with the Internet has been wonderful. The Net has been my companion every since I got a BSNL broadband connection in 2006.

Up until 2 weeks ago, I used to do the ‘ush'(short for usual; heard it on some sitcom.. Hee!) everyday on the Internet – browse, check mail, Facebook, a variety of news sites,etc. After all that, I used to think “What should I do next?”.

Then, I met Stumble Upon and my digital world changed, possibly, forever!

I wont write a long post but should tell you its a Mozilla add-on and its gonna revolutionise your browsing experience.

What it does is it lets you choose your interests – be it Music, Arts, Photography, Animals, Comedy, etc.. and every time you click the button ‘Stumble’, which appears on your browser, it takes you to a different site, the link of which has been uploaded by strangers who think it belongs to a particular category. I assume an algorithm is at work here behind the scenes which allows you to stumble upon the link which has got most hits and likes, but thats just an assumption.

To put it simply, its about people with similar interests sharing stuff the best way possible. The best thing about it is: You NEVER know whats coming next!

Here is the link for you to stumble upon the craziest and/or loveliest of stuff on the Internet. Do choose the Interests wisely..

As Barney Stinson would have said if he were writing this, “Its Legen..wait for it..dary!”.

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