How big is your Phone?

I was watching Titanic on TV and there’s this character, the designer of the ship, who keeps on talking how big it is. Rose turns to him and reminds him about what Freud says about the male preoccupation with size and its significance to the size of his phallus.

Bang! It hit me..

I did a bit of Googling and I found some truly spectacular and interesting stuff. Check this.

According to research done at Heidelberg University, it is a scientific fact that the purchases of Corvettes and BMW’s are inversely proportional to the length of a man’s penis.

Further in another article on a similar topic.

I started wondering what present behaviour, in our middle-class-urbanised setting would perfectly exhibit such male compensation for the size of their ‘thingy’Cars, yes. Per the above findings, the bigger your ride, the more likely you will have it to compensate for a small penis.

In India, cars are expensive and most people I know cannot afford to exhibit the type of behaviour in question with a car.

Hint: Now take a look at the title.

Is it possible that Samsung has been selling those big-ass phones to men in middle-income societies, who could be buying them to overcompensate for having a small penis? Is Samsung’s real advantage over Apple really dependent on the insecurity of a man with a small ding-dong?

My Phone is bigger than your Phone!

Another blogger put it well(link):

Many men subconsiously try to compensate for having a small penis by acting out in various ways. This can include (but is not limited too) squealing tires, exceedingly bad driving, road rage, picking fights, lifting weights, taking steroids, binge drinking, buying expensive objects, racism, sexism, belittling those weaker then them, joining the military, working construction, and many other forms of testosterone-based showing off. By no means do any of these examples mean that a person is compensating, they are just examples of what a compensating person might do.

Think about the implications!

Did Hitler impose war on his neighbours because sub-consciously he was trying to compensate for his smallness? Did the Pharaohs build those Pyramids(basically a fucking tomb) for the same reason? What about the guy who built the biggest bridge? Or, has the biggest and noisiest bike in the neighbourhood?

You now know what to tell the guy who insists on riding his bike rashly, with you sitting behind. You used to call him a show-off, but the psychology behind is so much more insulting! Not to forget funny..

Could the opposite also be true? A guy who is not insecure about his size and someone with a big stick, will not worry about petty things like the size of his vehicle or the length of his phone?

Is that the reason why that I am satisfied with a Nokia 5130 and in no hurry to buy a phone bigger than my palm?

Wink, wink..



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5 responses to “How big is your Phone?

  1. Saurabh

    seems like u couldnt afford a big phone… and finding an excuse of not having one… talking about insecurity…

    • What if I say I can afford a costly devices(I’ve got a Mac and an iPod Touch)? 🙂

      Maybe some one is in denial about his insecurities? If it helps, most women believe size doesn’t matter.. Most..

  2. hahahahah … you always kept bragging about mine like vovvv…. So, this is a subconscious reaction of showing off. Everything has exceptions… But, had a good laugh over it. Very well written.

  3. im guessing you watch TV on your phone then wink wink

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