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Things that make you a 90s kid from Bangalore

1) If your first favourite channel was DD2. The other choice was DD1.

2) The number of rings of the phone meant different things. Example: One meant call me back, two meant I am leaving house now.

3) There was only 3 actors in Bollywood – the 3 Khans. Well, not much has changed since then.

4) The number of channels available on cable increased, but for you there was only one channel that mattered – Cartoon Network.

My favourite channel of yesteryears.

5) If Cricket was the only sport you knew. No F1, No Football, No nothing..

6) You have seen Sachin Tendulkar in his prime. And, Brian Lara was the second best batsman, not Ricky Ponting, not Amla, not Hussey.

7) If you have debated with your friends who is better Dravid or Tendulkar.

8) If you have debated and still do debate, who is better Shahrukh or Aamir.

9) If you thought once Johnny Lever was the funniest guy alive.

10) You grew up with independent music movement or pop music, which sadly died out. You grew up with songs from Lucky Ali, Pankaj Udhas, Sonu Nigam, Euphoria, Bombay Vikings,etc. Please do add in the comments if you think this illustrious list requires some more additions. The songs coupled with the surreal videos added so much joy to your childhood.

11) If you thought there wasn’t a better looking girl than Aishwarya Rai and no man can match the handsomeness of Salman Khan. When they were together, it made so much sense..then..

12) Your dad had a Scooter or a Bike. Car was something a Doctor had(I know it sounds strange, but I actually thought it was so when I was a kid). He would take you for a ride everyday and drop you back and head on his way.

13) The only DJ you knew was DJ Aqeel and thought he was GREAT! 😛

14) If your teachers had thought making you sit next to a girl in class was “punishment”! I met my teachers and they are doing the opposite now.

15) If your favourite serials/TV shows were ‘Dekh Bhai Dekh‘, ‘Alif Laila‘ and Jaspal Bhatti’s brilliant ‘Flop Show‘. You parents preferred ‘Shanti’, ‘Maya Mruga’ and other stuff.. There is this TV show I used to love which used to be telecast on DD2 or DD1, but can’t place the name. The other notable mentions are Chandrakanta, Shriman Shrimati.

16) You used to just enjoy the Bangalore weather, now you just compare it to the good old times. Traffic was not even an issue then! Summer Holidays in Bangalore were the best in India. Indian Summer is brutal, but Bangalore was an exception. You went Swimming, played Cricket, roamed around the adjoining areas on your bicycle, used to spent the 2 or 3 Rupees you get as pocket money on candy or bhel-puri.

17) If you were able to reach from point A to point B, without ever fearing the sun. The tree cover has disappeared now. I used to travel from school to house, without worrying about the heat.

18) You have played a form of hide and seek – “Dabba”, especially during the power cuts. Video games were a distant dream, only your rich classmate had one and that was the object of your desire, which most of that era never really got when they needed it. You knew how to fly Kites, play “bugari”(I really don’t know if there is a name for it in English.. The thing which spins on a nail after you roll a thread around it and throw it in a certain way).

19) Your first favourite director was, well.. Upendra! 🙂

20) Your Ajji told you stories of the notorious monkey, while she fed you ghee and salt rice. When she passes, that was the first time you felt real pain and cry your eyes out. You can still hear her sweet voice calling your name out. You going to your ‘Ajji mane'[Grandmother’s place] was the favourite excuse you had if you take a leave from school.


She passed away when I was in 6th or 7th Standard. Sadly I can remember only one story from the hundreds she used to tell me every day.

21) There was this one Uncle or Grandfather or Cousin, who loved to take you with him to Dwarka “Hotel”, Vidyarthi Bhavan and Brahmin’s Cafe to feed you delicious Idlies or Dosas or Karabath-Kesaribath, with filter coffee in the end.

22) If you have scratches and bruises all over your body from all the climbing of trees, buildings, digging sand deposited for a nearby construction, falling off of the bicycle. I don’t see the kids today doing any of the stuff we did back then.

23) You dreamed of getting a Dog and name it Scooby. Every other Dog was named Scooby then! lol.

24) You tried to collect Music in the form of Audio Tapes. Now, you don’t even have a device to play them. Same with Video tapes, Video Cassette Players are long gone, they sit there on the shelf reminding you of simpler times.

25) You had lot of relatives visiting your place, staying over. Now, people are too busy to come or don’t want to take the trouble in this Bangalore traffic.

I’d love to hear your favourite 90s moment too in the comments section. 🙂



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Hafiz Saeed can be an Indian asset

Yes, you heard that right!

Hafiz Saeed, if used well, can turn out to be an advantage for India, from this point onward. Hear me out..

Hafiz Saeed has done great harm to India. Undeniable. A Terrorist. True.

But, it is also true that nobody can get to him in Pakistan. The Government of Pakistan has no real power. His services to the military of Pakistan will not be forgotten, as there are too many people sympathetic to his cause in the ranks. Everyday we see him on giving statements and interviews, it hurts us, angers us.

The trick here is to turn this into an advantage.

What is our objective? To protect India, to project to the world Pakistan’s real face.

Why was Osama being killed a greater feat than a low key Al Qaeda figure? Because he was a symbol. So is Hafiz Saeed. And, unlike Osama, he is not hiding in secrecy, but moving around freely in Pakistan.

This is the key.

Things will not be the same forever. Today Pakistan is notorious for Terror. Pakistan gets away with it as US depends on Pakistan to get into Afghanistan; and, Paksitan has been using this leverage wonderfully well. But, that disappears after 2014. When NATO packs up, the dependence on Pakistan evaporates too. Add to this the Northern Distribution Network (NDN) – which run through less hostile regions and the fact that there will be far less troops to service – NATO can be free of Pakistani shackles.

US will likely blackmail Pakistan with sanctions or punitive actions to fight its war and hunt down Al Qaeda in Af-Pak. How will it serve us? We can use Hafiz Saeed as our Osama; Make him a symbol, a larger than life Terrorist, who has killed Americans and Indians, to paint Pakistan in bad light; Use our lobby-machine in Washington and Brussels to get what we want: Dismantling of Terror infrastructure in Pakistan and bring to justice the Terrorists.

Pakistan is heavily dependent on US/EU countries. A majority of exports from Pakistan is to these countries. They close down their market to Pakistan, millions will be out of their jobs in Pakistan. Deny financial help from IMF and WB, Pakistan will not be able to pay their own bills. Impose sanctions, Pakistan will be at US/EU mercy.

But, will they do it? That is where we come in. Our influence with these countries is substantial. If we take people like Hafiz Saeed and put on a show, where people like Hafiz Saeed are the villain and a danger to world peace, we would have achieved a major propaganda win over Pakistan. Its not that hard also..

We have to help Pakistan make the transition to another Iran or North Korea. Unlike Iran, Pakistan has no minerals or resources to bank on and its impact on the world is minimal. Like North Korea has nukes and its sole benefactor is China. Look how North Korea is faring.. Or, how Iran is caving, slowly, but surely, under the combined US/EU sanctions.

I know this is not nearly as equivalent to the heinous crimes he has committed with Pakistan military’s help. But, sitting on our hands and do nothing about it is not an option as well. This is doable.

If it makes you feel better, Hafiz Saeed has done more harm to Pakistan, than he can ever do to India. He has sent thousands of people across LoC to be gunned down by our guys. The ideology he preaches has given birth to thousands of Pakistanis who have joined other Terrorist groups and killed other Pakistanis. Not to forget, every time a report features in the world media about the infamous Terrorist operating freely in Pakistan, it embarrasses Pakistan(Or, at least it should embarrass them).

India should get justice, in one way or the other. Inaction is not an option.

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