How the Modi-bashers are leading to radicalisation of Muslims in India

Why does Islamic Terror exist in India?

Is it an unfortunate expression of oppression of the Muslim minority?

Lets assume for now that is the reason.. Indian Muslims are oppressed, hence, resorting to Terror.

But, the perpetrators of 7/7 London Bombings were not oppressed. They were living in a society which their parents or themselves opted to live in. Why did they kill so many people of their own country? Poverty?

So, what about 9/11? The perpetrators were from a US-ally Saudi Arabia, one of the richest countries in the world and highly educated.

What does UK, US, India have in common? A Muslim minority population which has produced people with extremist tendencies, for some un-explainable reasons(for the fear of being politically incorrect).

What does it all have to do with Modi? A LOT!

Modi is no saint. His actions during the 2002 riots cannot be verified and are highly suspect, yes. Legally he is innocent and proven guilty. There is no clinching evidence of his connivance in promoting the riots. He is also a highly successful Chief Minister of a very important, incredibly successful state. Things are never black and white. Portraying people as such will leave no room for flexibility.

But, instead of saying it as-it-is, the Modi-Bashers(Group MB) are hell-bent on painting him as the devil-incarnate.

There is a good chance that Modi might end up being the Prime Minister of India. At the very least, there is a very good chance that BJP of Modi will return to power.

Most Muslims in India do not hold a favourable view of the Hindu Right. They despise it and understandably so. What Group MB has done, by demonising Modi, is that it they have set the stage for Radicals among the Muslim community to gain centre-stage.

The Muslim leadership is incredibly stupid.

They in their hatred of the Hindu Right have forgotten that Hindu conservative ideas too need a vent. Modi is that vent, whether they like it or not. By projecting him as something worse than Darth Vader, they have managed to sow seeds of Radicalisation in their own community.

We often hear how LeT camps in Pakistan show images and videos of 2002 riots to stir up their cadres, many of whom are Indian citizens. What do you think will happen to the 150 Million Muslims, if a person who is projected by Group MB as a ruthless killer of Muslims comes to power?

Alienation. Leading to Radicalisation on a very large scale. Leading to more alienation and radicalisation. A perfect vicious cycle. Only this time there are no Gandhis and Nehrus; and we cannot create another Pakistan.

9/11 happened almost without any meaningful provocation. The seeds of Islamist behaviour are not rooted neither in poverty nor illiteracy. BJP coming to power, especially with Modi at the helm, will exacerbate an already vicious mood among the Muslims of India, who are not isolated from the larger Muslim world; and, who are in greater numbers than UK and US combined!

Terror Groups like Indian Mujahideen will have absolutely no trouble getting cadres.

Group MB will have only itself to blame, if these unfortunate series of events do unfold.



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  1. You’ve so conveniently chosen to believe that there is no choice for Indian Muslims other than accepting Mr. Modi and in fact you’ve gone a step ahead and coined a term for that as well – Modi Bashers (sic)!! 🙂

    My friend, it’s not a wise idea to give terrorism any religious color and even the term – Hindu Terrorism is wrong! I agree with you that “The Muslim leadership is incredibly stupid.” but at the same time, I think you made mistake when you gave this theory that Mr. Modi should be accepted to all only for the fact that he ‘can’ be a Prime Minister tomorrow! My friend, this is just a propaganda by Modi’s PR team! I also believe that you need to check your facts when you declared Gujrat a “… incredibly successful state.” Please refer to this link to get a reality check :

    I admire your insight into Indian Politics! I was directed to your blog coz Anne mentioned you in one of her comments (


    • I don’t expect the Muslim Leadership to accept anyone, even if it were Atal Bihari Vajpayee, from the Hindu Right. It cannot happen, never will. In the 1940s, many Muslim leaders refused to accept even Gandhi and Nehru as their representatives.

      Modi knows this. He has tried to hold Sadbhavana(I hope I got the name right) meetings to project a certain flexibility to the people who are sitting on the fence. You see what he did: He has not hardened his stance against Muslims. But, tried to appear rational.

      What I am saying is simple: Don’t harden your stance by pouring concrete over your legs. If Modi becomes the PM, their inflexible stand will create a lot of problems. This will increase Radicalism among Muslim youth.

      I believe there is a term called Hindu Terror. I am not burdened by Political Correctness. Only by accepting it can anyone fight such forces. Similarly, there is something called Islamic Terror. The attributes, the causality, the sustainability differs between the 2 phenomena. Hence, you see Islamic Militancy more potent and ubiquitous, than Hindu Terror.

      Lets just say Modi has a great PR team and all this progress talk is a lie. I will now ask, how will that change the situation on the ground? He is popular as ever in Gujarat. He has a huge fan-base in the rest of India, even if they are built on unreliable information of growth and progress. Muslims will still hate him. He will still be in the running for the PM chair.

      I dislike to see things in Black and White. Muslims and Group MB see black. BJP and Modi supporters see White. The truth is always… always in the middle.

      The most successful of politicians are the ones who don’t take inflexible positions very often. Gandhi wanted both the Hindu Right and Muslim Right in Congress. He could have easily kicked them out. But, he knew circumstances will change and its unwise to hold inflexible positions. Yes, he would never violate his core principles, but also found a way to manage many different people, with different political goals.

      When you have 150 Million Muslims in your population, reminding them that a man who butchered their fellow followers again and again will become their PM is like throwing petrol over a lit matchstick.

      • @Pedda leda chinna rowdy

        Let’s agree with everything you are saying, First you say that Muslims are being hell bent against on Modi becoming a PM, and you also say that Muslim youth will be radical…so when these things do happen simultaneously will Hindus are going to be Innocents as babies?

        Is that what you mean?, if that’s not what you mean, then what exactly you mean? you support the fact that there might be more riots like Gujarat 2002 if BJP comes in rule ? or do you only recognize Hindus as Indians but none other? Since when elections and democracy is based on Fascist ideologies ?

        See, less bullshit with you, because most of you Hindus are actually happy that Gujarat 2002 happened and muslims were brutally killed, inside of your hearts, and you rejoice those things, whenever a christian missionary gets killed you people will go like “oh that christian missionary was spreading christianity and his killing was daaaaaaaaaaaaamn right” It is very hard to change your idealogies with simple talk.

        As a christian, i am all scared what might happen this time when BJP comes in rule…how many attacks on minorities?, how many killings? and how many will they show that they have actually done it right….and for right reasons.

        I don’t mistake you for supporting Modi while self judging that its very right and constructive thinking, but you ignore your humanity while you are supporting that human being who ordered to kill every muslim…even the fetus from mother’s womb…you better question your inhuman thinking and judging.

        There’s nothing to worry, this country belongs to you people and its in your hands and your “majority” decisions.

    • vallish

      You know who all made this check the website you will understand how the media is sending false messages.

  2. I see you two have found each other…both much more eloquent than I . thanks so much for the follow! Namaste. . . ..

  3. Essazai

    “But, the perpetrators of 7/7 London Bombings were not oppressed. They were living in a society which their parents or themselves opted to live in. Why did they kill so many people of their own country? Poverty?So, what about 9/11? The perpetrators were from a US-ally Saudi Arabia, one of the richest countries in the world and highly educated.”

    Terrorists don’t necessarily kill because of poverty or illiteracy, they kill for political reasons, especially in the west.

    The 7/7 attacks were in response to the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan, before 2001 there was never an attack on Britain by Muslims.

    The 9/11 attacks were also done for political reasons, none of the 9/11 hijackers were American Muslims, they were all either Saudi or Egyptian, so it wasn’t because Muslims were persecuted in America, but because America supported the rouge state of Israel which continued to persecute Palestinians and America had also supported oppressive regimes in the Muslim world,

    I know you’re trying to say that Islam is a violent religion that encourages terrorism, but here’s a video of Mehdi Hassan disproving that:

    “What does UK, US, India have in common? A Muslim minority population which has produced people with extremist tendencies, for some un-explainable reasons(for the fear of being politically incorrect).”

    The American Muslim community is one of the best assimilated communities in America, many of them are college educated, have a high median incomes, low crime rates and have produced FAR fewer extremists than other Muslim groups elsewhere, in fact American Muslims have produced fewer terrorists than many groups in America.

    94% of terrorist attacks in America have been done by non-Muslims between 1980-2005:

    Between 1995 and now 88% of terrorist attacks on American soil have been done by non-Muslims, mostly by right-wing groups:

    It’s the same thing in Europe, 99.6% of terrorists attacks in Europe were done by non-Muslims:

    So the threat of “Islamic” terrorism is overstated , and Muslims in India have other reasons for “terrorism”, such as the persecution of Kashmiris.

    “Islamic” terrorism in India is usually a response to Hindu radicalism in India:

    Modi is a Hindutva, and unfortunately many Indian Hindus are Hindutvas, they follow caste( you said in one of your posts that you would only marry a girl of your caste or a “white chick”), Hindutvas are extremely jinogistic, they can’t hear any criticism about India or their Hindu faith, we get a lot of Hindutvas on Pakistani news sites, and these Hindutvas are going to vote Modi into office

    ” He is also a highly successful Chief Minister of a very important, incredibly successful state. ”

    So what if he was successful?Erdogan has turned Turkey into a successful country, but that doesn’t mean he’s a greta Prime Minister in terms of social policy.

    Modi is going to be India’s Morsy, the only difference is that the world fears Muslim radicals more than Hindu radicals, and Indians aren’t willing to self-reflect like their neighbors.

    If Modi becomes India’s PM, that should silence any skeptics of Pakistan’s existence, and that would prove that the average Pakistani is probably more liberal than the average Indian, since Islamists have never won an election in Pakistan, and in the recent elections they won less than 3% of the popular vote, India on the other hand is most likely going to elect Modi with a landslide majority.

    • You have basically implied that CIA, NSA and FBI can go home, don’t have to monitor their Muslim populace. The entire free world doesn’t have to screen Muslims and not monitor Mosques in New York and London,etc. India has no Muslim problem, except it Kashmir one.

      Your arguments are standard Pakistani narrative.

      1) Islam is non-violent. If you say so. The empirical evidence suggests otherwise. Somalia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Iran, Bangladesh, Egypt, Indonesia – about 80% of the world Muslim population has seen violent Islamist movement, in various degrees and manifestations.

      In the recent attack in Kenya, Islamic militants targeted non-Muslims and even Muslims who weren’t Muslim enough. Same as in Mumbai, in 2008.

      No other Religious group has such movements, on the scale of Islam.

      2) America has well established Pakistani communities, yes, but it has seen its share of Muslim Terror. David Headley formerly Dawood Gilani, the Underwear bomber, Faisal Shehzad, Tawwahur Rana, Shoe bomber, all who have tried to attack America from within the last 10 years; all are from the “best assimilated communities in America”. And, I’ve not even mentioned the recent Boston bombings!

      Is this what you call “assimilated”? If so you have to re-learn the meaning of assimilation.

      America has been exposed to Muslim populations only in the past 2 or 3 decades. Surprise surprise, it has been exposed to Muslim Terror the same amount of time.

      3) And, stop justifying Terror saying 9/11 happened because of ABC.. Hindus don’t come to Karachi to avenge the treatment at the hands of Muslims. Christians, I bet, will not avenge the recent treatment of their fellow believers in Peshawar, where the Taliban blew up an entire church. Buddhists have not threatened any Muslims because Taliban blew up giant Buddhas. All the things Muslims have and continue to do so.

      4) You said: “you said in one of your posts that you would only marry a girl of your caste”. I DARE you to show me one such instance. Double dare, even triple!

      Your mind reads what it wants you to read. I am agnostic. Caste has very less value to me. Isn’t it interesting you projected my reading exactly as the narrative in the Pakistani media?

      5) Modi will be Modi. Gandhi was called a liar by your Quaid-E-Azam. Nehru will bring in anti-Muslim laws said the Muslim League. India will be India. Modi can’t do shit, which goes against the Indian Constitution, especially as a PM. Gujarat has been more peaceful than most of the Muslim world.

      If what you say will happen, why hasn’t it happened in Gujarat in the past 10 years?

      This is precisely what I mean – You are making him the devil incarnate. After Babri Masjid and post-Godra riots, Modi will be biggest reason for Radicalisation among Muslims and you have so elegantly proved my point.

      So, should we fear Radicalisation of Muslim and not elect him?

      I ask, if we don’t elect Modi, will the Muslim Radicalisation in India stop or rollback? No..

      • Essazai

        CIA,NSA,FBI or any intelligence agency in the world will NEVER stp monitoring it’s own citizens and other countries citizens, if it can.

        The NSA was keeping tabs on everybody since 9/11, yet they couldn’t prevent the Boston Bombings, which proves that spying on American Muslims was futile.

        Have you ever been to a mosque in America?Most Imams are really pro-American, you will rarely hear an anti-American rant, the Boston Bombers barely even attended a mosque, and the one time Tamerlan did, he was called out for giving an anti-American speech.

        There was a plot in Montreal to blow up a train, guess who stopped it?An Imam reported a suspicious individual to the RCMP.

        Most of these fundamentalists don’t even attend mosques, most of the 9/11 hijackers were clubbing,drinking and fornicating the night before the attacks, they weren’t practicing Muslims themselves, but they wanted to send a political message.

        1. Yes I believe that Islam is a non-violent religion, there have been MANY fatwas issued by well-known Imams that have forbidden terrorism,honor killings and other crimes committed in the name of Islam, and if you still have doubts about Islam being a violent religion, watch the clip I shared above.

        The civil war in Syria, is a civil war not an “Islamic war”, just because Muslims are fighting Muslims, doesn’t mean it’s an Islamic war, nobody called the American civil a Christian war, even though Southern slave owners used Christianity to justify slavery, and Northerners used Christianity to tell people the opposite.

        The Syrian civil war is just a war, where the Syrian people are fighting an oppressive Dictator, there might be some Islamist movements that might be taking advantage of the situation to achieve their agenda, but there are Christian groups fighting in Syria too:

        In Egypt there really wasn’t a violent Islamist movement, Morsy and his party won the elections with a small majority(Modi will be elected too by Indians), there has been a lot of bloodshed at the hands of the secular Egyptian military before,after the revolution and now after overthrowing Morsy.

        Bangladesh doesn’t have a violent Islamist movement, the one Islamic party there was banned this year, and Islamists are not very popular there.

        In Pakistan we’ve had Islamist movements by Islamic parties but they weren’t violent, they joined the political process and were trashed at the elections(just like every time), the Taliban have tried impose there version of Sharia in parts of Pakistan, but we beat them.

        If you look at the history of the Taliban, they didn’t really start off as an Islamist group, infact they were Pashtoon nationalists and they opposed the Northern Alliance and the Soviets before that, it just so happens that Pashtoons are really religious where as Farsiwans are secular like their Iranian cousins, so the Taliban turned the ethnic conflict into a religious one, kind of like how the Sri Lankan Army did in their war(Sinhala Buddhists vs Tamil Hindus)..

        2.Not sure if David Headley could be called a terrorist, he wasn’t directly responsible for any terrorism, he was an ISI operative(based on reports), so he isn’t any different than any spy in any other intelligence agency in the world, that’s what intelligence agencies do, all intelligence agencies whether it be CIA,FSB,KGB,MI6,ISI,RAW or Mossad have done some really sinister stuff, you won’t hear the mainstream media talk about the other intelligence agencies but they only like to target KGB/FSB and now ISI, cause they have an agenda.

        The underwear bomber wasn’t an American Muslim, he was a Nigerian and he was studying in Dubai, so it wasn’t homegrown terrorism.

        Faysal Shahzad and Tawwahur Rana, were the black sheeps of the American Muslim community, but EVERY community has a black sheep otherwise American Muslims are very well assimilated, and by assimilation I just don’t mean financial success but also cultural assimilation, the crime rates are low, Pakistani Americans are really liberal(socially), you will find it hard to find Pakistani woman wearing a Burka in America, they dress the same as other American girls, and honor killings are almost non-existent among Pakistani Americans compared to Arab Americans or Pakistanis in England.

        “America has been exposed to Muslim populations only in the past 2 or 3 decades. Surprise surprise, it has been exposed to Muslim Terror the same amount of time.”

        No, the American Muslim community has existed since the 1800s, Thomas Jefferson owned Muslim slaves, the first mosque in America was constructed in the 1920s by Albanian Muslims, I do believe anti-American sentiments in the Muslim world started rising after the creation of Israel.

        3.I never justified 9/11 nor do I condone any form of violence, I just told you the reason behind 9/11, there many people in America such Ron Paul that questioned America’s foreign policy and blamed for 9/11, all of the terrorist attacks against America were for political reasons.

        After 9/11 Bush told Americans, that “Muslims” attacked them because of their “freedoms”, well if that was true then “Muslims” would have attacked Sweden, many Americans believe that they were attacked cause they were non-Muslims, but if that was the case then “Muslims” would have attacked Japan, or Brazil or Switzerland, cause they were also non-Muslim states .

        America was attacked because of it’s staunch support of Israel and the Zionist movement, and it’s involvement in the Middle east.

        Hindus don’t come to Pakistan to avenge the treatment of Hindus here, because we don’t let Indians immigrate here, but if they had access to Karachi they would turn it into Gujarat.

        Also Hindu are little different than Muslim, because Hindus tend to be submissive people(generally speaking, no offense), so if they’re scared they won’t fight a more powerful oppressor,Muslims on the other hand fight back, in the words of Malcolm X:
        “There is nothing in our book, the Qur’an, that teaches us to suffer peacefully. Our religion teaches us to be intelligent. Be peaceful, be courteous, obey the law, respect everyone; but if someone lays a hand on you, send him to the cemetery.”

        “Christians, I bet, will not avenge the recent treatment of their fellow believers in Peshawar”

        Actually Christians have, in America a mosque was razed to the ground, and a mosque was attacked in Poland and England, I don’t want to talk about Christians, but if you’re holding them up for being “peaceful people” then you haven’t read any history books.

        Buddhists also burned a Mosque and orphanage in Myanmar, they aren’t really as peaceful as you would like to believe, it’s not all about Yoga and eat,pray and love bs.

        4.You said this here:
        “You are in America, you can’t find a decent Indian Girl in the US(well, you can, but chances are low) of your same Caste and who meets your long list of parameter of a perfect woman.” in your most recent blog post.

        A lot of Hindus I’ve met claimed to be agnostics, but in reality they’re actually religion shifters, when they want, they’re Hindus but when they want to critique another religion they will become an atheist so they can gain credibility and nobody can talk crap about their religion.

        You said earlier in one of your blog posts that you were also a Hindu or a Hindu Atheist(don’t know how does that work?Do you choose to believe in 6 Gods instead of 12?)

        5.Modi is also a fascist, he’s been BANNED from entering the United States, he has record unlike Gandhi or Nehru.

        Don’t know if Gandhi was a liar, but he did sleep with his sister’s 18-year-old grand daughter, so he does lose some credibility.

        Muslim radicalization will stop in India once Hindu radicals stop existing, they feed off of each other but Hindutvas are probably the most dangerous people in the world, the media doesn’t show you that cause they’re only in India but if they were in the West it would be different.

      • 1) Taliban released a statement recently during Ramzan: “..this is a month of real Jehad of God’s grace and blessings, spiritual armament, and the moral and physical purge of the nation. It is a supreme occasion of our trial. Let Muslims brave the rains and all difficulties..”. It continues,”Muslims must remember that it was in Ramazan that the
        Quran was revealed. It was in Ramazan that the permission for Jehad was granted by Allah. It was in Ramazan that the Battle of Badr the first open conflict between Islam and Heathenism was fought and won by 313 Muslims and again it was in Ramazan that 10,000 Muslims under the Holy Prophet conquered Mecca and established the kingdom of Heaven and the commonwealth of Islam in Arabia. ”

        I bet you had no trouble believing this was the Taliban did you? Whats in a name I say! It doesn’t matter who said it, it was said by a group with a Taliban type mentality, isn’t it?

        This is what was said in the Pamphlets distributed before Direct Action day(Jinnah was President of ML and called for it), in the Mosques of Calcutta, in as early as 1946! Congress was ruled by the saintly Gandhi and the progressive Nehru. Hindutva, Modi and Advani, Kashmir, etc. were non-entities. 4,000 and more people were killed in the ensuing violence in the Muslim majority state of Bengal, under the Chief Ministership of the future PM of Pakistan – Suhrawardy, the butcher of Bengal.

        Please don’t give me this rubbish that Muslim fundamentalism feeds off Hindutva. it didn’t need Hindutva in the early 1900s, it doesn’t need it now. Same way Al Shahbab needs flimsy reason to attack an Kenyan mall and kill non-Muslims, all in the name of Islam.

        Same applies to US, UK, Kenya(whose only fault was sending support to the Somalian Govt in fighting the Al Shahbab), you name it. Islamic fundamentalism exists because it exists. I can point out how the violence in Syria is related to Islam, as how each side consider the other as non-Muslims, but I know deep down you know this.

        if there is a reason for other countries, there is no reason why it exists in, say, Pakistan, a 97% Muslim majority country.

        Islam is much more than a spiritual movement, its mostly a political one, which mandates violence. To be clear, many Religions, including the one I was born into, does similar things, but the degree is vastly different.

        This is evident when you consider the population: 1.4 Billion Muslims, 1 Billion Hindus, 2.5 Billion Christians, its not a secret which population is resulting in the maximum number of violence in the same of Religion, which has the most Terror groups,etc.. Pakistan alone is more violent than the rest put together.

        You are pointing to supposed local reasons claimed by the islamists and you want to fight them(TTP) in your country. Is it any surprise you have failed so far? You are siding with them in India, US, UK,etc., but want to fight them in your country? You have failed, you will continue to.

        You will continue to fail because you will never recognize that the problem is ideology. Convincing me that Islam is the Religion of peace is useless. Gandhi failed to convince Muslim League and Direct Action happened. This would have only continued until the point came India would be deep in civil war. You and i, and the rest, are much lesser mortals. Local issues contribute, yes, but the trigger lies in the ideology.

        Also, I forgot, David Headley got training in LeT camps. Being part of the ISI and LeT are not mutually exclusive. Bangladesh has HuJI, a violent Islamist group. Buddhists don’t kill in the name of Buddha. Monks in Tibet prefer to immolate than wage an insurgency, like Uighur Muslims are doing in Xinjaing. Get the difference?

        When violence stems from Religion, you get nations like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Somalia, Mali, etc. Myanmar is no Pakistan, violence there is similar to violence in India. They don’t stem from the ideologies.

        2) Fatwas cannot make Ahmadis Muslims in the eyes of ordinary Pakistanis. Cannot make Shias Muslims in the eyes of LeJ/SSP. Fatwas cannot end Sectarian war in Syria. No Fatwa can be given to turn Islam into a non-violent ideology like Jainism or Buddhism, where strict non-violence is practiced.

        You want Fatwas of the good kind, but ignore bad kind, which recently said Women, if they drive, will develop reproductive problems, by the imams in Saudi Arabia.

        Fatwas are meaningless.

        You are certifying your own Religion as Peaceful, when the empirical evidence suggests its the most violent!

        3) India is no Egypt. Modi is no Morsi. India HAS an EXCELLENT Constitution. Egypt did not, nor ever will. Modi cannot even change the Muslim Civil Code, when he becomes the PM, forget altering the Constitution.

        Indian Constitution is not a plaything, like the Pakistani one. I hope you are aware of the Basic Structure ruling of the Indian SC, which even the Pakistani SC invoked.

        No man/woman, under whatever be the circumstance, cannot change the Basic Structure of the Constitution. Consequently, cannot legislate laws which are against the principles of our Constitution.

        India’s Democracy is skin deep, its foundations reside at its very soul. Modi will and cannot change that. Nor, is he intending to.

        You said Hindus if allowed in Karachi will turn it into (violent)Gujarat. if you show me one communal flare up or large scale violence in the last 10 years, I’ll accept your hypothesis.

        FYI, Hindus and Sikhs are the richest ethnic group in US(after the Jewish) and among the top 3 in UK. Not just that Muslims disproportionately and their income bracket among the lowest.

        Not just that. In UK, a look at prison statistics, Muslims tend to be disproportionately represented. Hindus hardly make up a fraction of that same population.

        This is happening in America now. Its already happened in India, where the mafia has disproportionate number of Muslims compared to their population(Do you know who Dawood Ibrahim is and where he lives?).

        If Islam has nothing to do with it, can you please explain it? Indians and Pakistanis have same genes, were the same country 7 decades ago. Yet, in US and UK, the education level, crime level, unemployment level, income levels are remarkably different!

        In US, Muslims appear liberal, because of fear of being deported or discrimination in jobs,etc. Sikhs have been attacked as they appear Muslim. No wonder not many Muslims don the Burqa nor have a beard.

        Hindus might be submissive, yes, no wonder people from outside conquered it for 1000 years. And, you, whose ancestors were Hindus, were converted, are mocking the original Religion/Culture of the land. How sad. Another reason for an aggressive Modi to come forth.

        I can write a whole blog about this. The only difference between India and Pakistan at partition was Religion. Due to that both have taken different trajectories, within and outside the respective countries.

        4) You quote my blog, my piece, but not me. The difference is I am writing a fictional piece. I am NOT married, nor have been to America(In the piece, the protagonist is both). If it seemed real, then thanks for the compliment. Writing fiction is not that easy and apparently I’ve fooled you.

        Do you understand what fiction is?

        5) “he did sleep with his sister’s 18-year-old grand daughter”

        I’ve read extensively about Gandhi and I’ve not read about this anywhere. I’ve read various conspiracy theories, yes. But, all great men are subjected to such ridicule. Even Mother Teresa is accused of not doing it for the right reasons.

        if you didn’t know, Gandhi abstained from carnal pleasures after he came back to India, from South Africa. He writes about it in his biography. He was a strange man, with strange habits, but he was one of the greatest the world has ever seen.

        Malala in her address to the UN invokes Gandhi, NOT Jinnah. How shameful for a Pakistani!

  4. sylvan

    Dude…Did you just spend all this time, trying to prove that Pakistan is a terrorist state?
    Are you on bench or what?

  5. Gandhi did sleep with his niece as an experiment in abstinence.

  6. nammakarunadu

    Peddarowdy what you have mentioned in this article lacks bit of content as well as clarity don’t get offended by this fact but the very true thing which is happening in today’s situation is Anti BJP/any party other than congress is misleading people with all power(media,religion,poverty). One of them is anti-modi rally they are so scared of modi that they them selves are projecting him as lion and sure that it is the first success for any person giving sleepless nights for ur enemy. And coming to our friend muslim well we don’t have any grudge or anything of that sort but given fact that they do have to accept the fact that one day in past past history they were also hindus…and well for our christian friend you too were hindus one day as we all know it was hindusthan before and after and ever…when mughal’s invaded that is where muslim conversion started and when so called British and Portuguese invasion started Christianity conversion and still not ended. And one believed fact all religion does same work, Pray and live happy with your family. Let’s keep it simple stop conversion of innocent people by showing bread and butter and by showcasing some video’s and make them devils and shoot at one country…no matter what happen’s end of the day all of us belong to same country and no other country will give us shelter food and happiness…see what is good for country not ur community neither your religion. And one last question to all no Hindus… y you guys feel insecure and want some special support from governments when you your self don’t have ability to get good life. If a person cannot afford food let him take all the facility not the person who has but still produces 3,4,5,6,7,8,9 children’s and cannot take care of one properly and shouts at government for aid. And for a fact about church’s being threatened by BJP supporters or thing of a kind again there is political game involved always. FYI congress get’s funds from all over for foreign countries for just conversion of cast as they want only to religion in world Muslim/Christianity and end of the day there is only one Hindu country but numerous other religion countries exist and will prevail…But don forget the fact all will pray to same god with different name for each and every person well being so support the best who can take care of the country and not loot your resources as congress have been doing for 60 royal years…

  7. fuck everyone else lets bring Arvind Kejriwal…..
    You see there is strange thing about debating and it can take you anywhere.
    Visit and listen this wonderful talk about argument.

  8. Praveen

    Islamic Radicalization happened in India after the Ram Janmabhoomi movements and the subsequent Riots on this issue And Modi was a major factor in that drive also. . When do you think Islamic Terrorism came to india (Leave kashmir) . Radical Islamic groups require groups like BJP, VHP , RSS or people like Modi or Togadia , and these people need islamic terrorism to sustain in india to sow their seeds of survival.
    We will keep on discussing these issue and these (NaMo or MMS) people will sell india to the corporates.

    • “..this is a month of real Jehad of God’s grace and blessings, spiritual armament, and the moral and physical purge of the nation. It is a supreme occasion of our trial. Let Muslims brave the rains and all difficulties..”. It continues,”Muslims must remember that it was in Ramazan that the
      Quran was revealed. It was in Ramazan that the permission for Jehad was granted by Allah. It was in Ramazan that the Battle of Badr the first open conflict between Islam and Heathenism was fought and won by 313 Muslims and again it was in Ramazan that 10,000 Muslims under the Holy Prophet conquered Mecca and established the kingdom of Heaven and the commonwealth of Islam in Arabia. ”

      Guess who said this.

      If you define Islamic Fundamentalism as something as a violent struggle to achieve political aims, using the bedrock of Islamic Scriptures, then this would fit the bill. Back then Muslims formed 25% of the population. At Independence, 10%. Now, its nearing 20%.

      This is a Muslim League manifesto from 1946, FYI.

      Shah Bano case showed us how powerful this was.

    • you mean to say Temur, Ghaznavi or Ghauri were saints.
      Was there any BJP/VHP/RSS at that time to ‘provoke’ Muslims .
      The fact is Muslims don’t need any provocation, they are blood thirsty 24×7, they will give any stupid non-sensical reason for their actions.

  9. We have launched a petition to request President Obama to reconsider US Administration’s stand on Mr. Narendra Modi, the Chief Minister of the State of Gujarat, India.

    Please visit to review and sign this petition.

  10. Gopi Krishna

    Why is it that everyone(because of mass media bias?) chooses to overlook the fact that Gujarat riots happened as a “reaction” to blatantly jihadist action(or is it incitement by a mindless few resulting in spontaneous anger?) of burning a train carrying Hindu pilgrims(infidels-right?) and concentrate only on the aftermath? It is a fact that invaders broke, vandalized, and burnt Hindu temples only because of their faith(or is it common human foibles like jealousy and greed?Po-Mo BS. If not, please rationalize Bamian Buddhas). Obviously Hindus at that time were too shell-shocked and befuddled ( to even react?) by organised and collective religious bigotry of foreign invaders with fancy concepts(“Holier than thou” as Mr. Modi puts it in a different context). My understanding of our glorious Hindu knowledge-base and culture is limited, but isn’t Dharma-yuddha valid against jihad, conversions by force and sops, and blatantly false knowledge masquerading as truth(never use truth with a capital “T”).

    Note: Erwin Schrodinger translates Dharma to mean knowledge.

    Also, I don’t get the feeling that Mr. Modi was complicit(lax perhaps, but he already gave reasons: 1. Gujarat recovering from Bhuj earthquake.
    2. Being newly appointed, he was not fully in control of state machinery yet.)

    Time to stop playing the tape record again and again and move on. Wise thing to do, isn’t it?

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