I am an Indian, born and currently living in Bangalore. Just like almost a typical Bangalorean, I work in an IT major.

My interests go beyond the technical topics and this is a good way of sharing my thoughts with whoever is interested.

Go ahead and read my blog. Let me educate you, and in the process educate myself. When appropriate correct me and be brutal with the criticisms!

Can you believe I had written such boring and sleep-inducing intro about myself(About an year ago)?

Well, for those who know me, this blog is a surprise for them..

For those who don’t know me, welcome to my world. There are aspects of my world, I can’t share, but in some, you will get s sneak peak, exclusive, extra fresh..

I am a former teenager; Rock enthusiast; writing code is what earns me my bread and butter; an Art lover or an appreciator of Arts; horribly narcissistic; lover of Nolan’s Batman; blessed with an interesting life, which at times seems not so much.. but, not really.

Most of all I am a perennial romantic, who has fallen in love with everything around him; a poet who can’t rhyme, hence blogs.


3 responses to “About

  1. Many thanks for the follow! I hope you will visit soon and often and comment! Namaste. . . .Anne

  2. I like your intro pretty much: a poet who blogs, appreciates arts and admits himself to be in a journey of educating and learning together.
    But your last post on Afridi doesn’t support things pretty much, the foul language and rash comments, they aren’t just how a ‘pakka Bangalorean’ should be. Or maybe I just don’t know.
    I believe in ‘arts’, it gives life. And ‘peace’ and ‘coexistence’ are chapters of the same subject.
    Anyway, best wishes for your future.

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