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Pink Kaage

Since, the word Pedda Rowdy is a phrase used and made popular by a friend and which I’ve adopted as a pseudonym, it didn’t seem quite right anymore for me to continue doing so.

Even though the friend has no problem with me using the pseudonym, it’d be inappropriate for me to continue using a phrase, made so popular by him, as my own.

In order to have a clear conscience, I’ve decided to move my blog to the new site address.

Kaage haaristhini, neev keli


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In Pursuit Of Being Cool

I was very uncool in high school. Sure, I had a lot of friends, I was decent in academics, I knew stuff..

But, I wasn’t cool.

Conform-ism : Phase 1 – Follow the leader

The cool people had the latest gadgets, the latest Bikes. They had it going.

Back in 2003 it was the Nokia 6600. Now, its whatever was released last month

Quite obviously, there was a template for cool-ness. Only if I follow the template, assiduously follow the unwritten rules, I’d be Cool.

Cool people tended to have nice rides. OK, Car I won’t get, so the pursuit of buying a new bike started.

Asking, then pleading.. finally, begging Appa to get me a new ride

When he says ‘No’..

When your Dad refuses to buy you the thing you wanted all your life, about which you found out few days ago, after your friend’s dad gifted it to him

When the pursuit of attaining Cool-vana started, it was all about what the coolest kid on the block had.

I entered many years of my life without getting the new bike, or the latest Cellphone.

Conform-ism : Phase 2 – Actions speak louder than words

Then, the realisation dawned that having things are not cool; Simultaneously, another realisation began to take shape that the way one acts, the way we behave is what defined cool-ness.

So, I started doing things what cool people did.

I used the latest slangs.

I updated my Facebook status every single day.

Thou shall update every single act.. Except when doing kakka

If people don’t know what I am doing, whats the whole fucking point of being cool?

You can’t be cool in a bloody vacuum.

I have to share my cool-ness. It’s the only logical thing to do.

The high lasted for a while. People actually thought the carefully calibrated social media image is the real me.

Then, the cool people disappeared. Vanished!

The people were still there, they still behaved the way they did, their vacation pictures of a year ago were still commented upon – especially of the hot chicks.

You are hot.. We get it.

Almost overnight, the cool-people started appearing uncool. Every act was so predictable; every status update seemed so passé.

Everyone you knew were on their quest to be cool..


Not everyone can be cool

Cool-vana, you realised, was still eluding you.

You realise that what you realised earlier was a mistake and you start to realise something else.

Nobody gives a shit.. You don’t give a shit about anyone and vice-versa.

You start asking some serious questions about yourself.

So other people are going to dictate what is cool and what is not?

I gotta get out of here!


Looking around, most of the people who appear cool now are, to put it simply – different. I can vaguely recollect an incident 10 years ago of a guy I saw who looked so cool on his new Bullet. This guys knows what he is doing, understands what he wants, finds out what drives him and goes for it.

People react differently at this point.

Some go out to buy their proverbial Bullet.

Rebellion starts.. NOW!

Some start looking for some other cool thing that is supposed to (re)define them and their rebellion. Blogs are created, Cameras bought, Facebook profile pictures changed, sometimes entire accounts deleted; trips are planned, poems are written, books are bought, breaks from  jobs are taken.

Rebels are pretty cool. Granted. But, sadly the entire Human Race is engineered so well that a lot of people around you start doing the same things.

Because, like you, they are going through the same shit in life. As much as we all hate to admit it, a lot of people that we know are in the very same boat as us.

We are NOT different. People who think they are so damn different, are in denial… or, just idiots.

You only think you are

Everybody can’t be a Rebel, or at least not so many people!

Digging deep down ones realizes this act of Rebellion is a charade. More embarrassingly, it was an act, to be witnessed by people around us.

Exploring further, this was yet another pathetic attempt to prove to others how cool I was.

The quest to appear cool has suddenly become uncool. What was cool is uncool, what is cool might not necessarily be accepted by all to be cool.

The Rebellion has lost. The Sith have triumphed. Or, have they?


After much soul-searching, the cool-ness is still elusive.

A decision is made : To give up everything. To up the illusion of control, the mind-numbing desire to be accepted, to impress. A decision is made to search. But, this time the search will be not be to be considered cool, but to be content.

Being considered by others to be cool, hip and popular is nothing, in the absence of contentment.

Once, this illumination of the mind is near, things begin to happen very rapidly. The mind relaxes, the soul becomes thirsty again. The need for contentment brings along with it, the need to be happy.(Too preachy)

If we were to decide to go do lean on a wall, at the risk of appearing uncool, we should go ahead and do it.

The coolest Goat ever

After all, if I appear uncouth or uncivil or downright weird, so what?

Its better to face facts : No one man can ever be accepted by all and sundry. There’ll always be some dick-head who will hate you, who will disapprove of you, who might even have dreams of stabbing you in your sleep.

All this while, here I thought there is no one single mantra for coolness. During the writing of this piece, I realised(a lot of realisations for one blog piece).. I realised, there could be one simple phrase which will capture the mood perfectly, which will convey the essence of this post in 3 simple words, arranged in a preordained manner, which appears intelligible, yet so simple that it appeals to the most dumbest of beings.

Most importantly, it makes a lot of sense.

Say it after Yoda

Say it again..

One more time

One last time..

I realise compromises have to be made. Life is not so simple as to allow 3 simple words to define it.

I digress badly.

I am forced to conclude the pursuit is not worth it. Cool-ness is subjective. One man’s Cool is another man’s “Oh, that’s disgusting”!

We all can’t be cool; In fact nobody can be cool, all the time.

Pursuit of being cool and accepted, is a need to be happy. Recognise that and everything will fall into place.

Being happy is cool, being content is ultra-cool..


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The girl that wasn’t

There she was.. Amidst hungry people,  who were gobbling up whatever the ‘Chat Street’ in Basavangudi was throwing at them. “She looks gorgeous”, you realise. “She is perfect for me”, you tell yourself. You have spoken to her before. In fact, it was one of the greatest conversations you have ever had with another woman.

VV Puram, Sajjan Rao Circle

Dose, Idly, Bhel Puri, Pav Bhaji, Bajji and what not!

Every guy has met a woman.. The woman.

The number doesn’t necessarily have to be restricted to one. After all, if people were allowed to fall in Love only once, the species would have died off long back or the world would be filled with Devdasses. Do not believe Bollywood propaganda..

One meets her either in a Party, or in College, or a place you had been for an interview. She is either your colleague, or classmate, or neighbour, or met her at the Gym. The world is full of possibilities.

You have seen her before, much before you actually spoke to her – in BMS Engineering College fest years ago; after that in a friend’s Birthday Party; after that in some Engagement party your parents managed to drag you into. Every time the reaction was the same – you froze and were mesmerized.

Brain stops working, you are dumfounded as to what to do next

Each time the urge to go talk to her was immense, which was only overwhelmed by the fear of saying something stupid and losing the battle of the nerves and.. the chance to make a decent impression.

Natural Selection

The thing is: she is not the prettiest woman you were attracted to. But, a certain indescribable quality sets her apart, something which even you can’t explain to yourself. Its like Nature is crying out : She is the perfect mate for you, Human Being! 

Love is all Science, you see. Do you think you chose your mate because of Love? How naive..

Nature probably knows more about you than yourself. It knows, for instance, that you are not the most attractive guy out there and is hinting that you should settle down with someone who is more suited to your ugliness.

Nature: Perfect for each other!

You are 6 (on the scale of 1 to 10) and you expect an 8? Aase olledu, duraase kettaddu(due to lack of proper knowledge of either English and/or Kannada, I am unable to translate.. Hoping to get some help soon). 

Karma is a bitch!

As luck would have it, it would not be long before you meet her, this time at a friend’s wedding. As always, she looked radiant. This time it was different. This time a friend manages to drag you and introduce you to all her friends and ‘she’ happens to be one of them.


Life is colourful again!

You quickly get working. You are charming(after years of mental practice, you are finally ready.. You have trained for this and now its time to put it into practice), have managed to make her laugh. Her natural charm is making you comfortable and the conversation is enthralling. Her smile is so disarming, but you keep at it.

You discuss all the right things: Your common friend who just introduced you, other friends you realise both have in common, the latest Aamir Khan movie (She turns out to be Shahrukh Khan fan and you realise he is not that bad after all.. After all Swades – She laughs at your pronunciation of ‘Swades’ – was pretty awesome!), how you and her both miss college life (Oh shit! Another commonality!), where she works, where you work, where she lives, where you live.. “Did you go to the Soul Sante? Wasn’t it amazing!”

“OMG! She is the cousin of a cousin of my friend, whom I know since ages. This is so meant to be!”

You are in love. You are bowled over and the bowler is a 5 foot something, female, looking stunning in a Red Saree and getting her fill of Mosaranna (Curd Rice) right now. The bowler’s secret weapon : No freaking idea!

She is everything you aspire to be like and more – She ignites in you to be a better version of yourself!

“Our kids will have her looks and my brains, hopefully”. “Ok, what should I do next?”.

“Should I tell my friend whose marriage it is, that I have a thing for her friend? Naah, she will be busy with, I don’t know, with the wedding?”

Sketch haaku

“Lets ask her out for a movie!”. The heart is running a race, you look at your male friend who smells something is fishy, who asks, “Yen maam? Yen vishya?(Whats up?)”

You nod your head as to indicate nothing is up and start working on your master plan.

Clubbing? Unsure if she likes it. Lets go to the beach! Too bad, its very far. “Why the hell doesn’t Bangalore have beaches?”. Dinner? Too Hollywood-ey. Bowling? No, there is a good chance I might suck; Can’t risk it. Paint ball! Need too many people. Invite her home for lunch to meet my parents? Not appropriate, too soon. Take her to the secret nature get-away! Might sound creepy. Need a public place for the first date.

Coffee? Good option, but need more than that..

Movie? No, no good Hindi movie in the theatres. Krrrrrish 3, you have promised yourself, you will never ever ever watch in your lifetime and you just know she feels the same.

“Kannada movie? Hmm.. Beda, level hog bidathe.”.

“OK ok.. English movie, then”. Its settled.

“So.. What plans for the weekend?”, you ask hopefully.

“Umm.. I don’t know, shop for a while and maybe catch Gravity with my Fiancé?”.

Trying not to look sad, after hearing some shocking news

Your heart sinks..

Back from flashback

“Yen sakkathagiddale, sisya!(Dude, she is so pretty!)”, you tell your cousin, who is happily married and is currently munching on some delicious Idlies. He gives her a glance and quickly realises his plate is empty and goes for a refill. Clearly, she didn’t make much of an impression on him, or that he indeed is happily married.

You wonder “Are recently married and happily married the same things?”

“Look at her.. Laughing without a care in the world. Man, isn’t she perfect for me!”. You remind yourself of an unmodifiable fact and snap back to reality.

As always, nothing happens, you finish hogging and get in the Car after having one last look at her. “Yella nan Karma“.


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Typical story of a 20-something IT-guy

A saying goes, “Throw a stone in the streets of Bangalore, it will most probably land on a Software Engineer”. As a 20-something, South Bangalorean, who has other 20-something Bangalorean friends, there are many behavioural patterns which I have observed(many of it applicable to your’s truly and some completely fictional).

Fresh from college, we join some IT-major, hoping of earning big bucks, give it our everything the first 2 years and then(THEN!) things start to change.

A rebel needs a nice ride

After toiling for many months, the quarter life crises kicks in. Many people are at crossroads. Some would have sacrificed their teenage years and shunned anything fun in the hopes of becoming a success. Then!

Then, everything seems meaningless and confusing, all of a sudden. The guy who used to come to college drunk goes on to get a better job than you, while you, who kissed hairy asses of lecturers in college, end up in a boring, seemingly dead-end job.

Some who had fun in college, who had a wild time in college, start remising about the good old days. Your old girlfriends are getting married..  Its time for a change, its time for the old rebel to come back!

Buy a fucking-bullet(hell yeah!).

Frontiers never explored become a destination all of a sudden. Every rebel aches to be unique and The Bullet is the perfect cure. Its so illogical, its logical!

Only a madman will buy a Bullet!

“I have bought The Ultimate Machine!”, you convince yourself.

Three years later, it turns out 6 out of your 10 friends have bought their Bullets and suddenly, yours seems heavy, fuel guzzling and, mostly importantly, no longer unique. You have been to 2 far-away places on your bike, last one being Ooty, 13 months ago, where the monsoon fury made sure your ride was not only dangerous, but wet and utterly uncomfortable.

A car seems a better option now. “Even the butt ugly Nano will do”, you think for a brief moment when the rain is pounding on your helmet, making it difficult for you to see even 10 metres ahead.


Big bucks, easy EMI options and a sudden craving for the Arts makes most of us fantasise about owning a killer Cam. You have unexplored creative energy bubbling within you and the boring humdrum of office life seems colourless.. and Eureka! You have an idea..

For a weeks and months you log into sites which review cameras and consult the many photographers, you happen to meet almost everywhere you go. Then you settle on your baby.

Its got a long lens, xyz mm, its black and it takes great photos of the clouds hovering above. You take those pictures and post them on Facebook with the tag line, “My first Photos with my brand new xxx Camera!”. You abuse FB the first few months and spam everyone in your friends list. Your friends who used to like most of your photos taken in a rickety old Nokia, start ignoring them.

As with The Bullet, this particular experimentation with quarter life crises peters out.


Some of us discover(rediscover) something spectacular – Alcohol. The dusky beauty adds meaning to life, purpose to weekends. Weekends become exciting. Pub-hopping starts!

The combination of rising prices combined with rising monthly EMI payments on your costly nothings combined with near stagnant salary, eat into your Pub-Hopping budgets.

Lakshmi Bar near BDA Complex, Banashankari, seems more alluring; and, monetarily makes much more sense. 🙂

You are one-step away from being a counter-kudka(Counter as in bar counter. Kudka a drunk). But, for you its time for fun. Its also time to make up for lost time you have spent not drinking! When drunk you fear the time when a creature comes and taketh awayth the bottle of Kingfisher Premium Beer; you shudder to think of getting married and losing all this freedom.

“Why don’t you come meet my parents? My dad is looking for a rishta for me.”

She was hot in college, ever so pretty… She loved me and I her. Yes, she has gained a few kgs, so what? So have I. Now,I barely make enough to sustain myself and she wants us to get married and have kids! Her biological clock is ticking, mine just started..

What about my beer!

I am still a kid. So what I have a stable job and my dad has built for me a 60-40 house in JP Nagar.. ITS NOT TIME TO GET MARRIED!

Either, its your Girlfriend on your case or, in some cases, your parents. “Yaavaga thamma maduve?(When are you getting married?)”, asks your aunt mischievously(everybody is either an aunt or an uncle) in one of the weddings your parents manage to drag you into. “Yaarannardru hudkondidiya?(Have you found someone?)”, is a double edged sword. Those who have girlfriends can’t answer honestly, those who don’t, feel pathetic that they don’t have one. Strange conundrum..

You make her wait for an year, thinking, “She loves me too much to not wait for me”. One day you are hanging out at your adda and a friend of a friend tells you that your girlfriend is getting married. You stand there for a few seconds.. stunned.

She was not picking up for the past 3 days and you never had thought twice about it. Your tiny world is coming crashing down now. The love of your life has succumbed to her parents wishes and whims.

She has blocked you on FB, changed her number, cuts off all lines of communication. Your common friends inform you that the engagement is next week. You are shattered.

“She told me she loves me!”.

The Bullet, The Digi-Cam, the brand new Car seems pointless. You are 24 and lost.

Lets study!

College was fun. Bunk classes, goto your adda near college, conveniently located to smoke-up, where none of your lecturers can see you. Plan trips and actually manage to go! Its been ages since you have been to any new place now. The last one was Gokarna for the new year, 9 months ago.

You are 26 now, your girlfriend has either left you or you never had one(better to have loved and lost, than not loved at all?). You have been working in the same project for the past 3 years. Nothing excites you anymore. Digi-Cam is safely locked up in the cupboard, turns out you are not that great an artist or just realised “Every other fucker out there thinks he is a photographer!”. Subconsciously, you don’t want a reminder how normal your life is. Nothing is hatke if everyone starts doing it. Why did so many of my friends turn to Photography? Bastards..

Time for something new – Time to do Masters in US! (Hell yeah!)

When it hits you, it really hits you.. The monotony of life is unbearable. You dream of dating white chicks, clubbing in Germany.. basically, getting away from everything you are. You want something new in your life. The current routine just doesn’t work anymore.

Masters is a perfect choice. Not only get a degree out of it, but a chance to settle in the country you studied in, should you choose to later.

Start studying for GRE, learn by-heart the meaning of every single word in the English language. Either Masters or you threaten quitting if your project doesn’t initiates H1B. “Onsite, here I come!”

You arrive to seek your version of Shangri-La. Finally!

6 months later you start missing home-made filter coffee, your friends talking shit after getting piss drunk in the local bar, the beautiful weather of Bangalore… The list starts expanding as long as you stay in Faarin.

Everything has changed!

You come home after 2 years of Faarin. Your anaemic friend is fat; your fat friend is thin. “Did he have a beard before I left Bangalore?… Huh.”

Some of your friends are married. In some extreme cases, have had kids! “How can a guy who behaved like a kid, when I left, have one?”

You get ready and text message everyone to come to adda, just like old times (Ah, the old times).. When you finally get there in an Auto(You had sold your bike, your first bike, just before you went to do your Masters), after cursing how Auto rates have increased, look left to find a spanking new Restaurant standing in the place where your adda used to be.

The one last remaining link to your old life has disappeared forever.

“Ok, I’ve tried to accomplish everything what I wanted. I’ve succeeded in some, failed in some. I am running out of ideas. Lets just say yes to Mom… Lets get married”

You do have fun with your masters. Meet new people, experience new things, see new places. You are at a good place.

Like any other night, you are skyping with Appa and Amma. They suggest marriage. You say no and that ends there. You get up and head for work, they go back to sleep. Next day, the insistence is a little more stronger. This time ‘No’ drags on to some 10 minutes. The day after that..

You finally succumb to parental pressure and say, ‘yes’.

But, you have seen the world. Have met new people and have become pessimistic about Arranged marriage. But, there is no option. You are in America, you can’t find a decent Indian Girl in the US(well, you can, but chances are low) of your same Caste and who meets your long list of parameter of a perfect woman.

Life has taught you some hard lessons. “How can I get engaged to someone whom I’ve met only 2 months ago?”.

“She is nice”, you admit, “but she is no..”, you zone out thinking about your ex. Besides, what if she is putting on a facade and after marriage is seems completely different to what she managed to projected as herself to be?

Haunting questions.

A little bit of you died the day you found out about ‘her’ engagement. After years, you have progressed to a point that you think about ‘her’ only once in a day. “Am I really being fair to the girl with whom I am going to get married to?”, you ponder. “Shouldn’t marriages happen out of love? Sure she is nice, but she is no..”.

“Its been so many years, I’ve not fallen for anyone, I’ve never even fancied anyone. Am I incapable of falling in Love? Has she broken me, perhaps, forever? Does she think of me, like I think of ‘her’?”

You actually get married, to someone who was a complete stranger only 6 months ago. Your life changes forever..

The 20s come to an end.


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Things that make you a 90s kid from Bangalore

1) If your first favourite channel was DD2. The other choice was DD1.

2) The number of rings of the phone meant different things. Example: One meant call me back, two meant I am leaving house now.

3) There was only 3 actors in Bollywood – the 3 Khans. Well, not much has changed since then.

4) The number of channels available on cable increased, but for you there was only one channel that mattered – Cartoon Network.

My favourite channel of yesteryears.

5) If Cricket was the only sport you knew. No F1, No Football, No nothing..

6) You have seen Sachin Tendulkar in his prime. And, Brian Lara was the second best batsman, not Ricky Ponting, not Amla, not Hussey.

7) If you have debated with your friends who is better Dravid or Tendulkar.

8) If you have debated and still do debate, who is better Shahrukh or Aamir.

9) If you thought once Johnny Lever was the funniest guy alive.

10) You grew up with independent music movement or pop music, which sadly died out. You grew up with songs from Lucky Ali, Pankaj Udhas, Sonu Nigam, Euphoria, Bombay Vikings,etc. Please do add in the comments if you think this illustrious list requires some more additions. The songs coupled with the surreal videos added so much joy to your childhood.

11) If you thought there wasn’t a better looking girl than Aishwarya Rai and no man can match the handsomeness of Salman Khan. When they were together, it made so much sense..then..

12) Your dad had a Scooter or a Bike. Car was something a Doctor had(I know it sounds strange, but I actually thought it was so when I was a kid). He would take you for a ride everyday and drop you back and head on his way.

13) The only DJ you knew was DJ Aqeel and thought he was GREAT! 😛

14) If your teachers had thought making you sit next to a girl in class was “punishment”! I met my teachers and they are doing the opposite now.

15) If your favourite serials/TV shows were ‘Dekh Bhai Dekh‘, ‘Alif Laila‘ and Jaspal Bhatti’s brilliant ‘Flop Show‘. You parents preferred ‘Shanti’, ‘Maya Mruga’ and other stuff.. There is this TV show I used to love which used to be telecast on DD2 or DD1, but can’t place the name. The other notable mentions are Chandrakanta, Shriman Shrimati.

16) You used to just enjoy the Bangalore weather, now you just compare it to the good old times. Traffic was not even an issue then! Summer Holidays in Bangalore were the best in India. Indian Summer is brutal, but Bangalore was an exception. You went Swimming, played Cricket, roamed around the adjoining areas on your bicycle, used to spent the 2 or 3 Rupees you get as pocket money on candy or bhel-puri.

17) If you were able to reach from point A to point B, without ever fearing the sun. The tree cover has disappeared now. I used to travel from school to house, without worrying about the heat.

18) You have played a form of hide and seek – “Dabba”, especially during the power cuts. Video games were a distant dream, only your rich classmate had one and that was the object of your desire, which most of that era never really got when they needed it. You knew how to fly Kites, play “bugari”(I really don’t know if there is a name for it in English.. The thing which spins on a nail after you roll a thread around it and throw it in a certain way).

19) Your first favourite director was, well.. Upendra! 🙂

20) Your Ajji told you stories of the notorious monkey, while she fed you ghee and salt rice. When she passes, that was the first time you felt real pain and cry your eyes out. You can still hear her sweet voice calling your name out. You going to your ‘Ajji mane'[Grandmother’s place] was the favourite excuse you had if you take a leave from school.


She passed away when I was in 6th or 7th Standard. Sadly I can remember only one story from the hundreds she used to tell me every day.

21) There was this one Uncle or Grandfather or Cousin, who loved to take you with him to Dwarka “Hotel”, Vidyarthi Bhavan and Brahmin’s Cafe to feed you delicious Idlies or Dosas or Karabath-Kesaribath, with filter coffee in the end.

22) If you have scratches and bruises all over your body from all the climbing of trees, buildings, digging sand deposited for a nearby construction, falling off of the bicycle. I don’t see the kids today doing any of the stuff we did back then.

23) You dreamed of getting a Dog and name it Scooby. Every other Dog was named Scooby then! lol.

24) You tried to collect Music in the form of Audio Tapes. Now, you don’t even have a device to play them. Same with Video tapes, Video Cassette Players are long gone, they sit there on the shelf reminding you of simpler times.

25) You had lot of relatives visiting your place, staying over. Now, people are too busy to come or don’t want to take the trouble in this Bangalore traffic.

I’d love to hear your favourite 90s moment too in the comments section. 🙂


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How big is your Phone?

I was watching Titanic on TV and there’s this character, the designer of the ship, who keeps on talking how big it is. Rose turns to him and reminds him about what Freud says about the male preoccupation with size and its significance to the size of his phallus.

Bang! It hit me..

I did a bit of Googling and I found some truly spectacular and interesting stuff. Check this.

According to research done at Heidelberg University, it is a scientific fact that the purchases of Corvettes and BMW’s are inversely proportional to the length of a man’s penis.

Further in another article on a similar topic.

I started wondering what present behaviour, in our middle-class-urbanised setting would perfectly exhibit such male compensation for the size of their ‘thingy’Cars, yes. Per the above findings, the bigger your ride, the more likely you will have it to compensate for a small penis.

In India, cars are expensive and most people I know cannot afford to exhibit the type of behaviour in question with a car.

Hint: Now take a look at the title.

Is it possible that Samsung has been selling those big-ass phones to men in middle-income societies, who could be buying them to overcompensate for having a small penis? Is Samsung’s real advantage over Apple really dependent on the insecurity of a man with a small ding-dong?

My Phone is bigger than your Phone!

Another blogger put it well(link):

Many men subconsiously try to compensate for having a small penis by acting out in various ways. This can include (but is not limited too) squealing tires, exceedingly bad driving, road rage, picking fights, lifting weights, taking steroids, binge drinking, buying expensive objects, racism, sexism, belittling those weaker then them, joining the military, working construction, and many other forms of testosterone-based showing off. By no means do any of these examples mean that a person is compensating, they are just examples of what a compensating person might do.

Think about the implications!

Did Hitler impose war on his neighbours because sub-consciously he was trying to compensate for his smallness? Did the Pharaohs build those Pyramids(basically a fucking tomb) for the same reason? What about the guy who built the biggest bridge? Or, has the biggest and noisiest bike in the neighbourhood?

You now know what to tell the guy who insists on riding his bike rashly, with you sitting behind. You used to call him a show-off, but the psychology behind is so much more insulting! Not to forget funny..

Could the opposite also be true? A guy who is not insecure about his size and someone with a big stick, will not worry about petty things like the size of his vehicle or the length of his phone?

Is that the reason why that I am satisfied with a Nokia 5130 and in no hurry to buy a phone bigger than my palm?

Wink, wink..


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Songs that just get you!

What is with tones and sounds, even random noise, when arranged in succession or in a combination resembling a certain pattern, that just gets you[blatantly plagiarised from Webster Dictionary’s definition of Music].

If are you someone like me and never forgets an event, a word, a detail of people who once were dear, and still are; coming across something- a restaurant, a Facebook tag, a link to their blog- anything that reminds you of them is really hard.

You begin to question the adage that Art imitates Life in such events. Crazy images start flashing by; images of a  old you, the more innocent you, the naive you, sharing a space and moment with that person, somewhere, anywhere, in total bliss and harmony. Enter Music. Depending on the turn of events the sound either represents melancholy or nostalgia or .. I don’t know what to call it.

All I know is today, I came across something that reminded me of that certain someone and a song popped into my head. If I were to associate the emotion one feels at such a juncture to a song, this would fit the bill.

I talked about when things work out so well, you begin to quell the doubts you have about the existence of an intelligent maker. This strange and wonderful mix of emotion and music, in perfect sync, makes you wonder if this wasn’t a design from a supreme source. How can two things so perfectly gel together, so well! Think about it.

Whatever it is.. Like most things in my life, I like, as well as, don’t like, this feeling. I want to get it out of my system. As wonderful and utterly human as this emotion might be, not such a big fan of it.

Sometimes, some songs just get you.. They just do..

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