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The old lady across the street

There was an old lady across the street.

The house is all she obsessed about..

“The house is in such a nice locality”, she claimed.

“My children will sell the house, I know, if I leave one day..”, she prophesied.

Cared for it so much she did, that she chose the house over the Husband.

Fought with the neighbours she did, for the tree in their house was shedding leaves into hers!

Fought with the neighbours she did, with chest full of contempt for people who lived in rented houses.

Not that she was evil incarnate, oh no no no..

She lives among us all, obsessing about things which really don’t matter.

Driving away friends, saying mean things to the ones whom we love and need later.

Died she did in, but not in her house of bricks..

Died she did in some far away place where the elderly mix.

The fool is the one who doesn’t learn his lesson.

The fool is the one who has less love for people than his lousy mansion.

My neighbour since 2002 passed away today. She was 68. She died in an elderly home, after moving there about a fortnight ago, after her Children and Husband thought it best to move her there.

She didn’t die in the house she lived for so many years, the one thing she loved above all..



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